BioGeometry Announces a Cooperation Agreement with Aliyun to Jointly Explore the Global Digital Biology Market

BioGeometry, a digital biology pioneer company that specializes in applying generative AI to protein design, recently announced that they have officially signed a cooperation agreement with Aliyun to jointly address the growing intelligent computing needs in the domain of large molecule biopharmaceuticals’ de novo design and optimization. Together, they aim to lead the digital biology industry’s ecosystem construction, making AI technology platforms more efficient and convenient to aid biopharmaceutical research and development.

According to the agreement, both parties will together invest resources to promote the development of large-scale model algorithms related to large molecule drugs, leveraging Aliyun’s robust computational capabilities and technical support to accelerate the efficiency of model training, inference, and deployment. Additionally, the two sides will jointly build an industry ecosystem for AI-driven de novo design and optimization of large molecule drugs, empowering digital and intelligent upgrades in both domestic and international pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, and supporting each other in future marketing activities and resource sharing.

Dr. Jian Tang, founder and CEO of BioGeometry, stated: “Aliyun possesses industry-leading cloud computing products and services. With Aliyun’s technical support, our AI-driven large molecule drug design platform’s performance will be further enhanced, providing users with smoother, more secure, and intelligent services. This collaboration will accelerate the drug development process and contribute to new breakthroughs in the field of life sciences and biomedicine research.”

Aliyun expressed that the biopharmaceutical industry has immense potential for future development. Holding on to an ecosystem principle that prioritizes partners, Aliyun seeks to drive and deepen the widespread application of cloud computing and large-scale modeling in the pharmaceutical and life sciences fields through cooperation with leading industry partners like BioGeometry, thus spurring rapid industry development. To achieve this goal, Aliyun will focus on building a digital and AI infrastructure in the drug development arena and join forces with partners to provide comprehensive commercial solutions, helping customers reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and continue innovating.

As a leading AI biotech enterprise, BioGeometry has extensive experience in AI-driven drug development and recently launched GeoBiologics, the world’s first generative AI-driven antibody discovery platform. Through collaboration with Aliyun, BioGeometry has effectively improved the response speed, stability, and scalability of the GeoBiologics platform, ensuring the security, integrity, and accessibility of user data, reducing operational costs, and increasing drug development efficiency.

As the next breakthrough technology, digital biology is a new blue ocean that represents the convergence of AI, computer science, and biology, with immeasurable market potential. As partners, BioGeometry and Aliyun will keep their complementary advantages and strengths in collaborative projects and market advancements, working together to pioneer the new landscape of digital biology for more efficient and intelligent drug development.

About BioGeometry

BioGeometry an AI-driven biotech company dedicated to understanding the language of life through generative AI (AIGC), reconstructing the protein drug discovery and design process, and creating programmable proteins. It solves issues related to the traditionally high costs, long cycles, low success rates, and difficult drug targets in large molecule pharmaceuticals, providing innovative drugs to save patients’ lives. Founded in 2022 by Dr. Jian Tang, a renowned scientist in AI4Drug and deep learning on graphs, with Turing Award laureate Yoshua Bengio serving as the chief scientific advisor, the company has built two foundational platforms: an AI-driven large molecule drug design platform and high-throughput wet-lab validation, creating a closed-loop system that empowers partners to achieve precise and efficient large molecule drug design and optimization.

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About Aliyun

Founded in 2009, Aliyun is a global leader in cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology, providing services to enterprises, developers, and government agencies in more than 200 countries and regions. Committed to bringing computing and AI to everyone as a public service, Aliyun ensures secure and reliable computing and data processing capabilities. In January 2017, Aliyun became the designated cloud services provider for the Olympic Games.

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